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Although the Baix Empordà has an inland capital (La Bisbal d'Empordà), is a region with seafaring tradition. Thus, the port of Palamós  is one of the most important of the coast, and shrimp that are named in this population respond to the reputation of products and cuisine of this area. In no place like here knows how to combine all kinds of products of land and sea, or be more surprising than they may appear combination: sea urchins, anemones, sea cucumbers, shrimps and prawns, cuttlefish and squid, are allied to all sorts of bird, feathered game, cod or snails.

We suggest, for information purposes only, a list of dishes from the traditional repertoire or naturalized.

Vegetables and hors d'oeuvres.

ENTRANTS. - Toasted bread with tomato and anchovies of L'Escala. Sausages artisans.
PATES. - Foie gras. Magret. Ham (country, serrano, Jabugo ...). Smoked. Mushrooms in vinegar. Garum. Escalivada cake, fish, mushrooms ... Cod fritters, anemones ... SALADS. - Catalana (with sausages). Esqueixada. Of habitats tender. Escalivada.
CHICORY. Fish, shellfish and anchovies. Meat pan (head and pig offal). Soups. - Escudella (called Escudella i carn d'olla if a plate of two services, and pagés barrejada or if you have pieces of meat and sausage hortizalas). Fish. Bouillabaisse. Monkfish. Garlic soup, thyme or mint. Soup dumplings toast. Gazpacho.
SAUCES. - Sauces base: sauce, minced garlic mayonnaise negative (garlic and oil, semi-liquid). Accompanying sauces, aioli, mayonnaise, romesco (for fish), chanfaina (also garnish), garlic and parsley, oil and vinegar (for salads), dressing (with pepper)
FITTINGS. - Zucchini, eggplant, fried or breaded. Fried beans with sausage. Fried mushrooms. Peppers. Escalivada. Chanfaina. Rice. Pasta. Vegetables and legumes. - Boiled vegetables (potatoes, green beans and other combinations). Spinach with raisins and pine nuts. Mashed with bacon. Farcellets cabbage. Artichokes (with peas, meat, fried, grilled ...). Eggplant (fried, stewed, stuffed, stewed, in omelettes ...). Pepper (stuffed, roasted, fried). Beans (fried, stewed, cooked, cassoleta, with sausage, bacon, pork loin). Lentils (braised, stewed). Potatoes (fried, stewed, boiled, sautéed, stuffed, stuffed arm).
RICE AND PASTA. - It has the peculiarity that the pasta with sausage is not just boiled, but also cooked, baked or fried (rossejat). Paella, mixed seafood, special, house, etc. Rice casserole (mountain, fish, or mixed). Black rice (with squid). Rossejat (fish, served "a banda"). Cuban or white rice (with fried egg, ketchup, etc.).. In soup (escudella rice and noodles).
CANNELLONI (meat, seafood, spinach, etc.).. Macaroni (with meat in the casserole or gratin). Noodles to the pan (with meat or meat and seafood). Rossejat or fideujat. Boiled pasta with sauces lining, often with a Catalan accent.
FISH. - Fish, seafood and salted fish (cod, pejepalo tripe, cod ...) may occur boiled or steamed, grilled or grilled, fried or sautéed, stuffed or stewed, baked or stuffed. Barbecue (combination of fish and seafood grilled or grilled, with mayonnaise, and Romesco sauce.) Freginada. Morallos or raising peix (fried fish). Suquet. fish in sauce pan. Zarzuela. Fish soup. Bouillabaisse style soup. Rocky Mejllones vapor. Clam sauce. Octopuses (sauteed with garlic and parsley). Squid (the Roman, fried, sautéed, stuffed with meat). Sepia (with potatoes, with albóndingas, with peas, with mushrooms, sauteed with sauce). Rape (Suquet, all cremat). Lobster Costa Brava. Squid stuffed with meat. Grilled sardines. Fried mackerel. Several fish: monkfish, meager, turbot, sea bream, grouper, besuguete, bass, mullet, sea bass ... Seafood: shrimp, crayfish crawfish, lobsters, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, eels. Cod. - With chanfaina, the llauna, with raisins and pine nuts, niu (baroque dish with variosingredientes). Guts pejepalo cod, stewed or braised. River fish. - Fried trout, sauteed with walnuts, pine nuts or almonds, the Navarra. Angulla; Salmon (import).



Prepare cooked (soup and escudella), stewed, sauteed or fried, broiled, grilled, fried, stuffed, baked, stewed, to the slab, grilled, the spit-roasted in a pan.
AVES. - Catalan Grilled Chicken (with mushrooms, as rovellons, llenegues, escarlets, Murgolo). Ast. With chanfaina, aioli, olives and / or plums.
LAMB. - A grilled, with garlic mayonnaise, peas, with chanfaina. Back or leg in the oven. Gigot. Battered ribs. Veal. - Africa. Veal with mushrooms, the gardener. Redondo. Doba ox. Oxtail (with cuttlefish, mushrooms, etc.)..
PIG. - Sausage with fried beans or rovellons. Pork loin with beans. Pork ribs with potatoes, chestnuts, rice or noodles. Booklets of ham and cheese. Pig's trotters with sauce, baked, stuffed with mushrooms, turnips, snails, prawns ... Pork cheeks.
OFFAL. - Of lamb, veal, pork, poultry ... Sang and perdiu. Corns. Liver and onions. Blood and liver. Offal dishes with mushrooms, vegetables, etc.
CHASE. - Civet of wild boar, chamois, free. Perniz, pigeon, woodcock, quail, with cabbage rolls, marinated, vinaigrette, roasted.

Eggs, mushrooms, snails...

CATALAN TORTILLA (with bacon, sausage or black beans). Omelette. Tortillas spring: wild asparagus, zucchini, garlic suits, eggplant, artichoke.
SCRAMBLED EGGS with mushrooms, prawns, garlic, asparagus, egg hedgehogs. Fried eggs. Deviled eggs (with meat, tuna, etc.). Croquettes of cod, sea anemones. Grilled mushrooms, the llauna, baked, fried with garlic and parsley, onion, stuffed, stewed or stuffed with sausage, meat or fish: rovellons, ous of Reig, Murgolo, truffles, mushrooms or siurenys, chanterelle , llenegues, bed-secs, escarlets, moixernons, oyster mushrooms ...
SNAILS to Guillaume, sauce, with rabbit, octopus, crab or mouths with, the brutesca, with pig's trotters ...

Land and sea.

Land and sea, or whatever it is, mountain and sea, combining a popular fantasy. Chicken or rabbit with spiny lobster, crayfish, shrimp or squid. Oxtail with sepia. Cuttlefish, octopus or squid with snails, mushrooms, cod, cod tripe, pejepalo, meatballs. Niu. Sweet sausage. Fruit filling or stuffed.


The sweet sausage and stuffing are, in fact, last of the dishes or desserts. Also have fruit or wine cooked pears, strawberries and cream or muscatel, salad or fruit sugar, wine or liquor, pineapple and crème brûlée. Grana chaplain musician or dessert.
SPOON. - Crema Catalana (a kind of custard with a layer of burnt sugar), custard, cottage cheese with honey.
PASTRY. - Coca, arm (with cream, cream or truffles), tortell, biscuits, profiteroles or chocolate profiteroles. Ice cream and frozen cakes, fruit sorbets or liqueurs and spirits.



MINERAL WATER. - On the Costa Brava and Pyrenees of Girona are the holdings of mineral water while older (already used by the Romans) and most famous in Spain, with or without gas: Caldes de Malavella, Amer, Sant Hilari Sacalm Girona, Vilajuïga, Ribes.
WINES. - The excellent wines of the D.O. Empordà-Costa Brava perfectly accompany the cuisine. They are the oldest wine culture of this land, Greco-foci, if not earlier, established in Empúries and maintained by the Phoenicians in the Middle Ages thanks to the important monasteries such as Sant Pere de Rodes (Alt Empordà). Pink fruity, slightly acidic, with cherry and golden touch. Red-bodied, intense color and rich flavor. We also recommend the new wine. White with some body, perfect for stews made from fish. Also occur without designation of origin, sparkling wines, sparkling wines and champagnes in the Empordà and Selva. A great wine is the Grenache Empordà, natural sweet wine, very appropriate as an appetizer, dessert, pastry and cooking. The main towns or centers where wineries are located and benefiting from the OJ co Empordà-Costa Brava are: Capmany, Garriguella, Mollet de Peralada, Espolla, Pont de Molins, Vilajuiga, Peralada, Rabós Sant Climent d’Empordà and Sescebes.
SPIRITS AND LIQUEURS. - Some artisan producers and distilleries produce typical liqueurs, creams and spirits in Olot, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Girona ... Highlight aperitif or digestive liqueurs and herbs, especially the ratafía (made with green walnuts) and brandies, liqueurs and fruit marc spirit, pear, cherry, plum, strawberry and others. A shot of one of these spirits or spirits of Girona to start or finish a meal will undoubtedly recall and happier ending.